Sexy Female Pirate Costumes – 5 Accessories to Help Make a Pirate Women Costume Look Super Hot


Female pirate costumes are without doubt one of the most popular Halloween costumes for women and come in all different styles. One of the most commonly seen genre of pirate women costume at fancy dress parties across the country are the sexy pirate costumes.

Sexy female pirate costumes usually consist of a short mini dress in the style of a tunic and petticoat. These types of pirate women costume may or may not come with other accessories such as a belt, some boots and a pirate hat, depending on the type of outfit you go for.

There are certainly some good looking female pirate costumes available from specialist fancy dress websites online, but the chances are that in order for your pirate women costume to look really hot you will need to purchase some cool accessories.

Below we look at five such accessories for sexy female pirate costumes.

Caribbean Pirate Wig with Suede ‘Do Rag

If your outfit does not come with a pirate hat then fear not, in my opinion a pirate wig looks far more convincing anyway. The Caribbean pirate wig comes with an attached suede ‘do rag, which really will set off your costume well.

Sequin Pirate Eye-patch

Of course, every pirate has to have an eye-patch, but a sexy pirate needs to have a sexy eye-patch. The sequin pirate eye-patch is a glittery eye-patch that looks great, but will not cost that much of your outfit’s budget.

Pirate Pistol

Perhaps an optional extra, rather than a must have accessory, but there is no doubt a pirate pistol will add that little something to your costume. Surprisingly, there are some really authentic pistols out there, which are very reasonably priced.

Pirate Maid Pouch Handbag

Every sexy pirate lady needs somewhere to place her party treasures, such as her cell phone, lipstick and spare change, but what are you going to use if you want to stay in character? A brown pouch, complete with a skull and crossbones patch on the front, is perfect for the job. These themed handbags have red drawstrings to close the bag.

Sexy Pirate Boots

As with most fancy dress outfits, sexy female pirate costumes really do benefit from having the correct looking footwear. You can actually buy a pair of sexy pirate boots that feature the skull and cross bones on the side. These black leather boots, which have an inside zipper and front laces, are the perfect way to complete your outfit.

So where can you get these accessories for a pirate women costume?

A Word Or Two About The Author

Dan Fresh is a lifelong fancy dress aficionado.

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